Auke Smid Zwaagwesteinde
The last years we appeared regularly in the media.
Professional journals and newspapers approached us for reports to which we collaborated.
A short overview:
Report of Stichting Marathon Noord, July 15 2008
Last weekend the moment for THE flight was almost due, the flight a lot of pigeon fanciers are looking forward to and preparing for all year.
Of course we’re talking about the pigeon racing flight from Barcelona, the Spain Flight in Europe with the biggest distance.
People speak with honor about the winning fanciers and pigeons.
For most fanciers only taking part in the flight will be wishful thinking let alone doing a prize race.
Since last year this doesn’t count for Auke Smid from Zwaagwesteinde, the winner of the 2008 on Barcelona with Stichting Marathon Noord.
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Report in De Duif 2008

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Auke Smid, Zwaagwesteinde.
Imposes with 5th Nat. Barcelona op 1354 km!

The 8 year old widower that flew 1354 kilometer is the NL00-4202308.
He’s from a cock of Comb. Keun en Dtr, (kruising) Brinkman x Ernest) with a hen of Gebr. Van Doorn. (kruising Frans Derks (Theelen x Kuypers) x Theelen).
2008 presented Barcelona before this crack (after a splendid career on the overnight flight including a 4th Nat St Vincent 4588d s.4 and 65th en108th Nat Bergeracs.4.)
All in the Barcelona theme.
It was only played on some sprint and several middle distance flights with as a last preparation St. Quentin (ca. 420 km) on June 14. The “308” rewarded his boss, who was still dazed hours after the arrival, with this splendid performance.
In 2007 Auke Smid was already very successful on Barcelona with 52th and 510th Nat. with two pigeons.

With thanks to Martine de Maeyer De Duif.

Report in The Racing Pigeon from England.
It also appeared in the newspaper in the USA, July 10 2009.
But the most amazing performance of the 2008 Barcelona International was that of Auke Smid of Zwaagwesteinde, Holland, whose eight year old cock 00NL4202308 flying 1,354km – 840 miles, was clocked at 11:56:28 attaining a speed of 1125mpm, winning 5th Dutch National, 15th International.
What a pigeon! His bloodlines? The best of the top Dutch grote fondmen Brinkman, Theelen and Kuypers.
In 2007 Auke entered two birds at Barcelona winning 52nd & 510th National.
Auke is one of those many little guys with small teams that are true champions.
When Auke breeds an exceptional pigeon he cultivates it, to be able to attain top performances over many years.

Tom Smith, Spring Hill,Florida.

Article in the Fondkrant, July 25 2008

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Article in de Fondkrant of Fondunie, July 11 2008

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Article in de Fondkrant, November 23 2007

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Article in de Fondkrant, February 9 2007

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