Auke Smid Zwaagwesteinde
Don’t make it more complicated than it is
Pigeon sport is simple.
Don’t make it more complicated than it is.
The first thing you need is good pigeons, a good cot and a good breeder who thinks first and doesn’t take everything for granted, that’s how we do it.

We train the young pigeons ourselves in the year of birth to a 150 KM, step by step from 15/20 KM every time and after words rest, to make them grow well.
As a yearling the pigeons are trained very carefully on the sprint and middle distance flights.
After that, rest again.
The two-year-olds join the overnight two times and have to come back home fresh, that’s important for me.
Prizes are expected from the three year olds.

The cots are cleaned every day.
In wintertime, between 75 and 85 pigeons populate the cot and 50 youngsters a year are raised for our use.
The pigeons are matched (breeders, widowers, nestlings) between half and the end of March.
A part of the nestlings raises the youngsters of the breeders.
The breeders are rematched and raise the youngsters themselves.
The nestlings are basketed when they’re 10 days old; in 2011 they only play on nest.
Two mixes of different brands are mixed and completed.
On the menu are: a good bag of barley, snack seed, weed seed and a can of wimoraal, vitamineral and ruddle.
We also give peanuts during the flying season.
The pigeons are vaccinated in February for (paramixo and pox), on the first breed, the pigeons get a trichomonosis treatment of 6 days and the rest we do is based on intuition.