Auke Smid Zwaagwesteinde
Extreme long distance pigeons
Thank you for visiting our website.
We hope to give you an idea of how we experience the pigeon sport in Friesland.
My name is Auke Smid and my wife is called Ria.

Together we play the overnight flight as well as the midday release and the morning release Z.L.U flights.
Flights from 555.505 miles limoges to 841.336 miles Barcelona.

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We live in Zwaagwesteinde (also known as the pigeon Mecca of the North Holland).
I’m a member of PV “De Reisduif” uit Zwaagwesteinde.
This association has 53 members.
It’s also the national basketing centre where on average 20 fanciers basket their pigeons.
For the Z.L.U. flights, we go to the Nationaal Inkorf Centrum Drachten.
Everyone in our family had pigeons, my father my brother and my brother in law.
I was the outsider, but that changed when I got my first pigeons in Noordbergum and became a member of PV “Fleanwille” uit Bergum.
I did a good job by buying pigeons from late Dictus Kooistra, my great master Harkema.
At that moment the best pigeons of Friesland were to be found there and I was supported very well there.
Since then I was always close to the champions, with “Fleanwille” as well as rayon het Noorden.
In 1988 we moved to Zwaagwesteinde, that’s where we slowly made the switch to the overnight racing game.

Auke Smid in 2008.
He played that year the 5th Nat Barcelona.
Then we needed racing pigeons that were able to fly this distance, herewith we were successful fanciers.
The first pigeons came from Theo Steefkerk and Steketee.
We went to Jacob Keun and got the Jan Ernest pigeons.
In the same year we went to the Van Doorn brothers and got pigeons of the blood line of the original breeding pair and Jan Theelen.
After words we went to Ton Vertelman and got the inbreeding Rode 50.
We also got pigeons at Martin Vinkenborg from his Barcelona blood lines.

Recently we got one pigeon from mr. B van Goethem (from his daughters breeding Nico Volkens).