Auke Smid Zwaagwesteinde
3 cots as a copy of late Dictus Kooistra’s
From the start it was clear that good shelter for the pigeons is important.
That’s why we have been thoughtful about how to build the cots in a proper way.
At that time we were in contact with Dictus Kooistra and his cots appealed to us.
We then decided to build a replica of the cots that were proven good.

The first cot is 10 meter long and 2.50 meter wide. The division is: hall, youngster cot and two departments for the nestlings with each nine nesting boxes.

The second cot is 5 meter long and there are two departments with each nine nesting boxes (the former widower cot).

The third cot with run is 3.60 meter long and 1.50 meter wide and is a youngster cot.
The cots are manufactured of wood with afterwards iron building profile attached.
The roofs are the so called gable roofs with roofing-tiles.
The cots are positioned with the front side to the East- South East.